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Businessweek: Make Some Noise

“Two of the best known of these tools, webcasts and blogs, are already being used by more than 400,000 small and midsize businesses, according to a March study by consulting firm AMI Partners. About 260,000 more companies are using podcasts. That’s 660,000 entrepreneurs maximizing the capabilities of the Web to market and advertise themselves to new customers. After reading the following profiles of five who’ve used these tools successfully, maybe you’ll be convinced it’s time to make it 660,000—and one.

Baker started her blog in April, 2006, using a software package called TypePad Pro that costs $149.50 a year. She got the blog up in a half-hour and spent two weeks tweaking the design. “It grew into this place where I could be creative and tell what we’re all about,” says Baker. Beyond the daily happenings at the 10-acre winery, she posts articles on sulfites and tannin, grilling recipes, news about Paso Robles, and anything else she feels might pique her readers’ interest.”

Slate Magazine:  Wine Adventure

“Mary Baker, one of the group’s founders and a partner at Dover Canyon Winery in Paso Robles (she is also the excellent host of the wine discussion forum on, says she and her colleagues feel that the 100-point system, and the Parker/Spectator approach in general, is more useful to collectors than ordinary consumers and tends to shortchange the kind of food-friendly, fairly priced wines that are of interest to most drinkers.”  

Fermentation:  BloggerView #14

“Mary Baker is one of the finest bloggers I know. She is also a regional correspondent for Appellation America. Mary is remarkably genuine and it comes through not just on her blog but also in the comments I see her leave across the blogosphere. You should also note that Mary as been at this blogging thing since 2005, a very long time in this strange cyberworld. So, she has a good idea of what it’s all about.”

‘Inside a Wine Scam’ Makes the News in Melbourne, Australia